If You Don't Know Where You've Come From, You Can't Know Where You're Going

Torrijos Down, Norigega Up

Transfer of Power

In 1981, Omar Torrijos died in a plane crash and after a two-year power struggle, Noriega emerged as general of Panama's military forces.

Wasabanga to Spanish

Tu Pum Pum

El General Published The Iconic 'Tu Pum Pum' 

Toma Reggae!

With music-production by Michael Ellis and artistic genius of El General came an act of Rebellion: Reggae En Español 


Quiero Hip Hop


Dem Bow

Mision La Cima

House Meets Latin Hip-Hop

DJ Playero

Notorious for his Reggaeton mixes, DJ Playero published his first of many mixtapes, Playero 34.

Nuyoricans Make Their Mark

DJ Tony Touch made sure to add the Nuyorican flare to El Movement with his Hip Hop Vol. 1 Mixtape debut

Evolution of Reggaeton Roots

Make Reggaeton Nasty Again

Where Da Ladies At?

The Bridge Between Panama And Puerto Rico

La Raza Latina Is A Fairytale

Give Me Merengueton

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